Taking charge of your own motivation

We know that motivation starts with the individual. This is why our seminars teach each participant strategies to kick-start their own motivation and take charge of their goal-inspired path

Each person develops their own behavioural patterns and sometimes it is easy to get stuck in negative ones. Our coaches  work with participants to recognise these and influence long-term positive change.

„If I cannot achieve what I want, I have to change something about my methods”

Sounds simple, but in reality it is not. Because the question that needs to be answered is: What alternative way is useful to me? How can I act differently?

So this is where we come in – but it is not where we stop!


Motivated for the last 15 years

After the development of the International Motivation Training in April 2000 we started a first round of seminars in Germany, Great Britain and the US. And the initial feedback was positive.

  • Today we offer coaching across the whole of Germany as well as internationally. Seminars are tailored specifically to the needs of the different  groups we work with.
  • Our seminars are led by experienced motivational trainer Thorge Lorenzen with the support of his team, including some of the best trainers in Germany.
  • We pride ourselves on the repeat business from multinational corporations, renown schools, universities and German social services, who for years have seen the many benefits of our International Motivation Training.
  • In 2014 entrepreneur and top-trainer Thorge Lorenzen founded the company International Motivation Training Deutschland GmbH in Berlin.


Seminars that have a positive effect on day-to-day life

Our trainers understand how to deliver the content of our seminars in an exciting and digestible manner, drawing on daily life examples. For our participants learning something new is the easy part. Their main challenge is to question usual habits and understand the impact of these on their daily lives.

For us, our main challenge is also our main goal: to help participants overcome their internal barriers as well as creating self-motivation to step out of their comfort zones and expand their horizons.

Through our coaching, participants will learn to recognise their own strengths and be able to focus on their long-term goals. With these two elements in place, they become able to draw up strategies to achieve their life ambitions.

Ultimately, our goal is for participants to find positive ways to change the direction of their lives. Each of them will be given a workbook tailored to their needs. This is there to enable patricipants to use their activated motivation and apply newly developed strategies to their daily lives.

However, anyone expecting quick fix results will be disappointed.