People are the centre of our attention

Establishing goals, create strategies to achieve them and self-development is our mission, and we are renown for dealing with our customers, freelance workers and partners in a friendly, attentive and appreciative manner. Maintaining these relationships is a top priority for us.

Our seminars are suited to anyone (regardless of social status, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation) and we aim to always provide the best possible coaching to any client and partner. In order to achieve this, our experts constantly review our products, drawing from the methods deemed useful in the past and redeveloping our materials for the future. This is critical for us and assures we maintain our high quality standards.


We are renown for our excellent quality

We strictly quality control our products, which ensures a constant flow of improvement. Our company is accredited by „Further Training Approval Ordinance“ (AZAV – Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung) and we conform to ISO 9001. Every one of our products and seminars are a testimony to the competency, knowledge and experience of our expert trainers.

Every single one of our employees (permanent or freelance) represents our company positively through their personal image and professional behaviour towards our clients.


We work with our partners in a constructive manner

Transparency, colleagueship, openness and humanity are at the forefront of our interactions with our partners and through teamwork we shape the scope of our work and area of responsibility. Furthermore, every single one of our employees contributes to the end result of our company. This approach ensures excellent quality and innovation as well as quick results for our clients.


We have familiar internal corporate philosophy as our company culture

Our belief is that with a positive internal policy we achieve the best results in customer satisfaction. We therefore treat our employees and partners with the same respect reserved for our clients. Because positivity really starts from within.


We want to make the world a better place, at least slightly

We strive to achieve satisfied customers and employees, social recognition and our own personal success. Our success is not only defined in monetary terms. For us it is much more about being useful to society in a positive manner and providing our partners and clients with methods that aid self-development. Through our work we aim to make the world at least a slightly better place.

June 2015