Page Schueler

To prepare pupils for life!

It is scandalous that pupils finish school with a pretty good idea about the gaps in their knowledge, but no clarity about what they are really good at.

And this is where our motivation training for schools kicks in. Pupils learn to recognise their talents and to build upon these. Responsibility for oneself and one’s action is particularly important here. We relay that their future will not depend on their teachers or parents but on themselves. We focus on getting them to re-evaluate their school time as well as themselves in a positive light.

Questions we get them to answer are: What is great about life? And what about school? What do I take for granted? What are my goals? Who am I? What makes me special and how can I use this to achieve my goals? And we have found that the answers to these questions have motivated many a pupil to feel inspired and excited about daily school life.

Our seminars have inspired pupils that wanted nothing more to do with their school. They found the strength to motivate themselves and find a new found enthusiasm.


Should you have any questions or if you are interested in one of our seminars please find our details in CONTACT. We look forward to hearing from you.